Different Water Bike Types You Should Check Out

If you're looking for something to do on the water but are tired of the same old boat and kayak options, consider getting a water bike! There are three main types of water bikes: hydrofoils, paddle boards, and eBikes. While they're all different from one another, they have one thing in common: they let you travel on water with ease and have fun!


Three Types of Water Bikes

We've broken down the different types of water bikes below, so you know exactly what you need when it comes time to make your purchase.


Water Bike Hydrofoil


A water bike hydrofoil uses hydrofoils instead of wheels or paddles to move across the surface of water. The hydrofoil water bike is not just a pedal-powered boat. It's a hydrofoil that allows you to rise above the water while you're riding it.


You can go as fast as 35 miles per hour (55 kilometers per hour) on these water bikes, so they're not really good for beginners or casual riders who just want something to idly cruise around on. Want to try out a water bike built for speed and agility? You can purchase a reliable water bike hydrofoil for sale online and get ready to race or just have fun.


Water Bike Paddle Board


This is another popular type of water bike because it's easy to learn and operate. Paddle boards use a paddle on each side of the board to propel themselves forward through the water. If you want a more traditional ride than hydrofoils offer, paddle boards are your best bet!


Paddle boards are generally used for recreation more than anything else because they aren't very fast or efficient when compared to other types of water bikes (around 10-15 mph). This type of bike offers lots of benefits for people who want to get an intense workout while enjoying their time on the water.


Shop for a water bike paddle board online if you're looking for something stable that's also easy to maneuver around obstacles (like docks)!


Water E Bike


If you want something with more power than a hydrofoil or paddle board can offer, check out an e-bike! These models have electric motors that help them move faster—great if you want more excitement in your life. An e-bike can move through the water at high speeds without much effort on your part. Go water e bike online shopping to get your favorite eBike!