Fitness Bike Surf

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The Red Shark Fitness Bike Surf is designed for cycling enthusiasts looking to extend their training grounds to the water but still maintain all the rigors of an elite road bike.  The Fitness provides a high degree of stability and maneuverability peddling forward or reverse with a 1:10 ratio gearbox, four interchangeable propellers and an adjustable stable-rudder system for turning and roll dampening.  It's built on an inner-core fiber-reinforced inflatable board with improved hydrodynamics that reduces drag over varying water conditions for the most efficient ride.  The Fitness only uses the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel hardware for years of maintenance free use in all weather conditions requiring only a wash down after each use.  

Product Features:

  • Black high-density polyethylene 3-piece frame
  • Inner-core fiber reinforced inflatable board (11'x3') with Red Shark graphics
  • Premium grade inflation valve
  • Removable fin & bungee matrix to secure personal items
  • Black bullhorn aluminum handlebar with rubber grips and red aluminum stem
  • Water bottle & bottle holder
  • Adjustable height racing saddle
  • 4 fixed pitch propellors: Training, Comfort, Workout, and Sport Pro
  • 4 position adjustable stable-rudder
  • 1:10 ratio zero-maintenance gearbox
  • Multi-tool for assembly and ergonomic bike floor pump with gauge & smart valve head
  • Rolling travel case